My logo is a Tree of Life, one of the most profound and prevalent symbols in the myths, religions and philosophies that tell the human story. The book of Genesis says that the Tree of Life was planted by God in the Garden of Eden; in Norse mythology, Yggdrasil is the giant Ash tree that connects the nine worlds held in the branches and roots of the tree; the most important symbol of the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah is the Tree of Life, integrating the ten archetypal energies that animate the universe and facilitate the realisation of the highest calling of the human soul.

A deep respect for nature and reverence for trees also lies at the heart of Celtic spirituality. The Celtic Tree of Life is depicted within a circle, another symbol of unity and wholeness that resonates deeply in the human psyche as the feminine womb or Grail which gives life. The branches reach up, the roots penetrate down and both are joined and interwoven in the circle of life surrounding the tree. Everything is connected. As above, so below, according to the ancient alchemical philosophy.